Before, I was depress, negative, angry and feeling sorry for myself. I stop whining about it & I change my attitude for a positive one. Now, I feel alive, younger, strong & healthy. Once again I learn how to love who I’am and what I have become. Now I ‘am an example to fallow & a mentor for people, to never give up till you get what you really want. Everything was with hard work, a great healthy nutritional plan, and exercise, but the best part of all was My ZUMBA life. ZUMBA fitness made me what I ‘am today. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to find something that I really do every day with joy in my heart and it does not feel like an obligation job for me...this is a passion, a true way of expressing myself.  xoxo. Ary

Nobody believe me WHEN I SAY..YES, I have been in your place.. I gained weight, I was depress, I lost my self respect  , I lost myself  & my self confident in the shadows. With almost 155 pounds in a 5'2' little frame, it was impossible for me to accept how i had my self go so bad. There I said, NO MORE..I need to be myself again and I know I was going to be able to achieve what I was planning to do because I was thinking in a positive way..That braking point for me was a crucial one. I needed to take over my life, my health and my confidence to discover my new ME AGAIN.  Thank GOD, I made IT, now Iam & feel healthy & stronger every day.  Iam glad to share my experience with other so they know that when you think positive, commit, persist and believe, you can really achieve your goals and take over of your own challenges!..ZUMBA Fitness, Great Nutrition habits, Weight training, and a totally positive state of mind were my tools to Success. From almost getting to the 160 pounds to now a proud 105pounds. Now my goal is to stay healthy, build more strength & be a good example to my friends, family, students & followers.
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Zumba Fitness In Orlando Florida

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