Arodis Machado -nick Name "Ary"  Zumba Instructor since 2007-Born in Mayaguez
( Pueblo de la Bomba y Plena)- 
Puerto Rico. 
With Bachelor Degree in Business marketing & Hotel Management with extra curricular  Physical Fitness & Arts Credits as continue education. Started career in performing Arts/Acting at the early age of 6 years old with Her first TV advertising Commercial for MCDonals and Others including Jc Penney, Woolite, Coors Light, Passoa, Cosmopolitan in "Espanol" Magazine, Caras Magazine. On 1998 she started Fitness, dance, and continue her entertainment performing arts trainings in Puerto Rico. Ary has been Train in formal, free style/ street & Latin Multicultural Dance., During the years she has also worked as a Petite Brand promotion/fitness/ bathing suit (Print model "catalog") Including Lino Fitness & Body By Brazil, and worked with well known Fitness Icon Jennifer Nicole Lee.
 NPC Fitness Bikini Competitor.2014 Europa Fitness Expo Orlando. 
Zumba Integration:
2010 ZIN30, 2011 & 2012 Caribbean Heat Dancer Performer ( Zumba Convention), 2013- Zumba Sentao Marketing Image, Padova Italy Performance, Italian Magazine Cover " IL NUOVO CLUB", Latin Billboard Awards Zumba/Don Omar with Beto Perez(Zumba Creator).
2014 (FIFA) We ARE ONE Video with Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull & Claudia Leitte. Zumba "Let it Move You" World Wide Campaign. Zumba "My first class". 2016-2017-2018 Puerto Rican Flow Dancer Presenter at Zumba Convention.
 Ary is license at the American Heart Ass. CPR/AED , IDEA Health Fitness Association & AFAA member. 

ARY Zumba Style as versatile, energetic, multicultural & very easy to fallow..... All ages are accepted as long as you want to turn your life around for a Healthy Lifestyle one.

I have to many Pictures with The ZUMBA Creator Beto Perez to choose from……… so, here are Few.

 Ary had worked as a petite "print" model for different International companies for more than 15 years.To say more, she earn her first paycheck when she was just 6years old for one of the famous Kids Mc Donald’s Happy Meals Campaign and from there everything is history, SEARS,COSMOPOLITAN in Spanish, CARAS Magazine in Spanish, Woolite,LinoFitness,PASSOAliqueur and more... Ary is non stop Girl with Big Goals & Dreams. She is very proud of recently work with one of the best top profile leader Entrepreneur of Fitness & Wellness Modeling industry, Jennifer Nicole Lee at the famous JNL Fitness model Factory Team.

Failure Is not and Option..." When we commit to Something, WE do not stop Half way"“You can live in a dream world. You can face reality; Or you can turn one into the other."!!xoxo AM
Arodis will offer Health & Self Image Personal consultations & Lifestyle Coaching for those individuals that will love to achieve, business or personal goals , and also for those Man or Woman that are interested on discovering the best advises in how & where to start their amazing physical transformation to a NON Stop Fashionable Healthy Fab Magnetic Turning Head Person. This consultations are priced by hour. Here she will provide you one on one advice on how to achieve your goals in your Health fit physique, Personal life, in your business or in the Fashion world. Arodis is a WIKIPEDIA full of information & advises that will blow your mind. With a low reasonable incentive per hour , you will end with a Treasure BOX full of $$ money maker information for your Future. Stay Connected for this amazing Start of the NEW YOU!


Woolite/ Caras Magazine

Ary’s has been working in the Petite modeling field since almost more than 10 years. She has build her Petite Modeling portfolio with working for diverse promotional companies like: Mc Donals, Busdwiser, Passoa , Midori, Cosmopolitan in Spanish Magazine, Caras Magazine, Woolite and much more. Her diversity in the field has attracted many photographers to use Arys’ versatility in Fitness and dance to project eccentric prints for Magazines clothe promos and more.

Arodis Machado in Bodybybrazil.com
Thanks to Janine Brazil(Owner of Bodybybrazil.com), Rod Zimmerman (photographer) & Jennifer Nicole Lee (Mentor)...I have the Honor of forming part (Be Pretty in Pink for a Knockout Look Campaing
@ Body by Brazil )
International fitness clothe Business Empire!


LINO Fitness


Jennifer Nichole Lee Model Factory

AM.recently worked with one of the best top profile leader Entrepreneur of Fitness & Wellness Modeling industry, Jennifer Nicole Lee at the famous JNL Fitness model Factory.
I work in a variety of locations, but my main HOME for 11 years has been, my Community WINAGTE Club. But unfortunately we will not have our classes at that location till further notice. My Fitness/ Dance Studio Fit-My-Rhythm is a simple OPEN NO MEMBERSHIP NEEDED.
 If You are tired of paying monthly and annually probably thousands of dollars to use a GYM or Dance Studio to stay healthy... WELL NO more...! Here you have the Freedom to pay as you come and still stay motivated to continue your healthy journey.
Yes we offer our Dance/fitness classes for a fun & different work out, but we are also committed to stay connected and down to earth helping Nonprofit associations. Lets HELP THOSE SOULS in need. Make sure to visit us at Fitmyrhythm Fitness when we celebrate special events to race proceeds to help others in need!

You can Contact me by email to arrange a Private Group class with friend at any Location. 

 (Only Cash)
$8 per class. Cash Only
 10 classes Special Deal $50. reg price $80

**BRING 1 NEW FRIEND & Start with Our Referral Program for a Free Class.**